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Shadow pensions minister removed over 'employment issue'

Shadow pensions minister removed over 'employment issue'

by William Robins Mar 12, 2018 at 12:11


Labour shadow pensions minister Debbie Abrahams, a critic of the pension freedom reforms, has been removed from her post while an ‘employment issue’ is investigated.

Abrahams (pictured) was Labour’s spokeswoman for work and pensions. According to reports Abrahams claims she is the victim of a ‘bullying culture of the worst kind’.

In a statement she said: ‘I have had no details about the complaint, who it is from, the process or timescales. I have not agreed to stand aside.

‘I will fight this spurious claim and do not rule out taking legal action.’

The Labour party’s statement said that Margaret Greenwood would replace Abrahams while the investigation was ongoing.

Labour did not give details of the claims against her, but the BBC said it understands she has been accused of bullying. Abrahams denies this claim and is making a formal complain to both the Labour party and parliamentary authorities.

Abrahams has been critical of the pension freedoms reforms which she last year said were ‘unravelling’ with ‘too much risk shifted to the individual’.

‘I believe it was a dereliction of duty by the government to make these changes with so little notice and consultation,’ she said.

At the launch of Labour’s pension commission last summer Abrahams also criticised the Tories over auto-enrolment, which she said had been ‘mis-managed’, highlighting how ethnic minority workers and women had often been excluded.

Abrahams has also been a supporter of women affected by state pension age changes, backing the Women Against State Pension Inequality campaign. 

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