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Gina Miller launches Brexit tactical voting campaign

Gina Miller launches Brexit tactical voting campaign

by Charles Walmsley Apr 20, 2017 at 07:00

Gina Miller, who fronted a successful legal challenge to the government's Brexit strategy, is trying to raise £10,000 for a campaign to encourage tactical voting in June's general election. 

Miller (pictured), who founded asset management business SCM Private, was behind the Supreme Court challenge to the government's decision to trigger Article 50 without a vote in the House of Commons. 

Thelegal challenge was successful and forced the government to hold votes on beginning the process of leaving the EU in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The bill was passed by both Houses. 

Miller has now launched the 'Do what's best for Britain' campaign encouraging people to vote in favour of candidates who promise a vote on the terms of the UK's exit deal.

The campaign's crowdfunding page says it is looking to raise £10,000. According to the page, this money will be used to 'back candidates who pledge to support a full and free vote on the Brexit deal' and work with organisations that hold similar goals. The campaign adds none of the money raised will be used for staff salaries. 

Best for Britain will be led by campaign director Eloise Todd, who previously worked for anti-poverty organisation the ONE Campaign.

Miller said the election in June was the most important vote in recent UK history. 

'If the deal the next government negotiates doesn't match up to our current terms, MPs should do what is Best for Britain and reject it. We will be asking MPs to pledge to keep an open mind and not be bullied into giving the next government a blank cheque for the final deal,' she said.

Yesterday prime minister Theresa May announced plans to hold a general election on 8 June. In a speech revealing the decision, May said an election would strengthen the UK's hand when negotiating a deal and accused opposition parties of 'game playing' on Brexit.

‘If we do not hold a general election now then their political game playing will continue and negotiations with the EU will reach their most difficult stage in the run up to the next general election. We need a general election and we need one now,’ May said.

‘In recent weeks Labour has threatened to vote against the final deal to be reached with the European Union, the Liberal Democrats have said they want to grind the government to a standstill and unelected members of the House of Lords have vowed to fight us at every step.'

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Comments  (56)

  • samplewriter: 

    When i read about tactical voting i look at the person that suggests this very poor way of going through life .where truth can be bent to the will of people that seem to be going nowhere .if everone used tactical voting we would have a system where the only way forward one would need a mafia godfather as a guardian .where force would be the only judge .

    Where i live the lib dems which i think are a tactical party with no direction are constantly suggesting using this kind of very bent voting to achieve their ends .now a party to leave in the gutter .

    We want proper direction from the heart .

    10:10 on 20 April 2017

  • Bellabeck: 

    Your link to Gina Miller's crowdfunding page is not working...


    and she's already raised over £108,000.

    10:24 on 20 April 2017

  • Keith Cobby: 

    Nothing like democracy is there? Keep voting until you get the answer you want.

    Everyone should vote with their conscience. I have a free vote and get a council/gov I don't like, I accept it.

    I think that people working two/three jobs to put food on the table will think Gina Miller has a little too much time on her hands.

    11:00 on 20 April 2017

  • Martyn: 

    Nobody in parliament has said what would happen when our Brexit negotiators, both politicians and civil servants, come to the House with the best deal they can get from the EU and parliament rejects it. EU will not back down (previous experience) so all deals will be off and I presume Hard Brexit prevails, which is what the Opposition do not want.

    11:28 on 20 April 2017

  • sarah seddon: 

    Do think this can only help remind people that the issue of Brexit is at the forefront of this election. Taking out the people I know who were either very pro or anti Brexit .... for the not so passionate her doing this actually works in favour of swinging the vote to the pro Brexit stance ... nothing works better than telling Brits they were wrong/stupid/have changed their (collective) minds .... just look at how Obama's comments went down .... gather we've now moved from the back of the queue to the front this week ...

    11:31 on 20 April 2017

  • samplewriter: 

    Over the years british voters have had to accept what europe put on the table enough is enough hard brexit now that is what the leave voters want .you cannot vote leave and want a watered down version .

    13:09 on 20 April 2017

  • Christopher: 

    So the truck drivers and the transport industry are the latest to put the Customs Union at centre stage. Another example of Project Planet Earth which the Leavers were too self obsessed to notice. 16500 trucks per day coming through Dover and the Chunnel will now need checking. How many leavers work for companies which depend on JIT manufacturing? How much will we have to spend on 1000s more customs officials? Boris's £350 million has another demand on it.

    How many holidaymakers pass through Dover and will now have to stop for customs at one end or the other? Looking forward to having the little chalk X on your suitcases?

    14:46 on 20 April 2017

  • Jeremy Brown via mobile

    The call for tactical voting is wise and realistic. We can't reverse the Brexit decision but we can try and shape the form of our exit. It's not a new or cynical move. Lots of us try to influence things by forming alliances. Every political party is exactly that kind of alliance. So all Tories think the same? Of course not. Do all Brexiteers? No, they don't.

    15:32 on 20 April 2017

  • Alan Anderson: 

    They won't check every vehicle and every person through customs - and they never ever did. They will check randomly or on tip-offs with heavy fines for "mistakes". No need for hysterics please.

    15:42 on 20 April 2017

  • JohnW: 

    We had a vote, the result of that vote was to leave. Accept it, that's democracy. The alternative is to ignore the result, that is a dictator state.

    15:58 on 20 April 2017

  • Andrew Stevenson: 

    People like Gina Miller loved the EU because it offers them their ideal. Government by unelected elites. Policies decided by the European Commission (comprised of failed politicians chosen under the old pals act - people like Kinnock, and Mandelson). A President no ordinary citizen of the EU ever gets to choose. A European Parliament that doesn't debate anything, just makes speeches (seven minutes each, now sit down and be quiet) whose only purpose is to rubber stamp the directives issued by the European Barons. No thanks Gina.

    16:05 on 20 April 2017

  • GW: 

    if it is that important why doesn't GM just use her own considerable financial resources instead of crowdfunding?

    16:07 on 20 April 2017

  • Peter Price: 

    What Gina Miller is asking is very simple - 'act on your own judgment re the key issue of this decade and don't just follow party labels'. It's about integrity - which Gina Miller has in abundance.

    16:08 on 20 April 2017

  • samplewriter: 

    The sooner they check every vehicle at customs the sooner drugs and illegal items can be stopped from coming into the country to make mini gangsters into godfathers .There is a big trade in rolled tobacco from holland which because of the large amounts that escape detection one has to say .corruption .i wonder how many 20 ton loads of tobacco have arrived and how often .

    16:11 on 20 April 2017

  • Keith Cobby: 

    Sure there will inevitably be minor inconveniences but the ECJ etc will no longer be able to tell us what to do.

    Gina Miller is very wealthy and has a lot to say. She would find a lot of like-minded people in Parliament. Surprised she isn't standing.

    16:25 on 20 April 2017

  • Cynical Investor2: 

    Does this Lady believe in Democracy? She got her way in the Supreme Court and, in her words, Parliament should decide. It did Debate and Approve triggering of Article 50.

    Does Gina Miller operate in an Autocratic way? It would seem so, "do as I say and not as I do".

    She is clearly under-employed.

    Many of us have suffered Governments not of our choosing and have accepted it. That's DEMOCRACY. Just hope a Lib-Dem rep comes knocking my door!!

    16:27 on 20 April 2017

  • dennis rooke: 

    Peter Price you need to lie down with a cold towel on your forehead. Your friend Gina runs an investment company which is helped by membership of the EU it means it is easier for her to sell into Europe which I am not saying is a bad thing but people voted by a majority to leave and that's that Gina seems to like being in the limelight and will continue to try and grab headlines ignoring the views of ordinary people a lot of whom will never get to even taste the life of a millionaire like good old Gina

    16:31 on 20 April 2017

  • Donald Chan: 

    Brexit means UK independence. The prognostications about what we will and will not be able to do are largely hot air. We shall be able to decide for ourselves what is in our interest.

    16:34 on 20 April 2017

  • Alan Tonks: 

    Arabella Tullo

    It just goes to prove there are a lot of people out there, who have more money than common sense!!

    16:36 on 20 April 2017

  • Mickey: 

    @Andrew Stevenson +1

    16:39 on 20 April 2017

  • jo soap: 

    `Hard` or `Soft` brexit is not really up to us, it`s up to the other 27 EU states. It`s a bit much for Ms Miller and her ilk to keep criticising our/UK stance. We can only hope to get the `best` deal they`ll offer and then reject or accept it. Reject it if it`s not as good as the WTO or is but with too many catches,,, or accept it if it broadly gives us what we want following the result of the referendum.

    Now please go preach to the 27 and tell them they shouldn`t be cutting off their noses to spite their face and to act in a business like fashion.

    As for investing any money through Ms. Millers firm, I think we can vote on that,,, not for me !

    16:42 on 20 April 2017

  • White Stick follower: 

    Gina Miller obviously thinks that crowd funders will enable her to boost her ego. It appears she doesn't want to spend her own money if she seeks charitable support.

    I wonder what impact on her business is made by the EU and its Commission? Interesting & informative article on SCM Private on 19th September last year. As Miller clearly doesn't want to remain in UK, she could always move to within the EU & enjoy all of its bureaucracy.

    Beyond the above, the British people will make their own decisions about what government they want & I doubt that the majority of Mr & Mrs Averages will take any notice of Gina Miller & her coterie of the so called elite.

    16:45 on 20 April 2017

  • Gleaner: 

    Its because of the likes of Gina Miller, her husband and hedge fund pals that we are being forced to another election

    18:20 on 20 April 2017

  • Ladysaver: 

    This individual is a puffed-up, self-seeking, self-publicising nobody who is attempting to thrust her ego like a hideous spanner into the workings of British democracy. She is monstrous. My only comfort is that the British people know a puffed-up egotist when they see one, and will offer her a very traditional salute with their two longest fingers.

    18:46 on 20 April 2017

  • dennis rooke: 

    well said Ladysaver shame she is unlikely to read this thread

    19:25 on 20 April 2017

  • Redundant (Old Timer?): 

    I will watch with interest how GM spends the money - we have very strict rules on election expenses and if the "money will be used to 'back candidates who pledge to support a full and free vote on the Brexit deal'" then we are likely to see a large number of legal challenges if a tactical candidates succeeds followed by bye-elections!! Hopefully the independent election authorities will warn her off before she gets involved or arrange her in-prisonment if she does not!

    19:27 on 20 April 2017

  • Nick-: 

    All this hot air above for or against Brexit may end up as a total waste of time. We will have to see what happens, who gets to be the next President of France and if it is Marine Le Pen then we will not have to negotiate with the present EU as it will not be there then.

    19:48 on 20 April 2017

  • Donald Chan: 

    Interesting point, Redundant. Imprisonment is my preferred choice.

    20:08 on 20 April 2017

  • Sinic: 

    The Remoaners never learn. Project Fear didn't work last time and it won't this time and yet there are numerous posts above where undemocratic individuals once again attempt to frighten voters and refuse to accept a democratic vote to leave the EU. Virtually every prophesy made in the run up to June 23rd by the pro remain lobby, of the Armageddon facing our nation has been shown to be false. This GE is certainly going to be all about Brexit and cynical manipulation of voting patterns by those who already cynically manipulate society with their hidden wealth will have little effect.

    20:21 on 20 April 2017

  • john vandermark: 

    Dear Gina Miller,

    Just a few facts you ought to dwell on.

    Germany's the big guy now, lots of money having been banked due to the cheap Euro, whilst the likes of Greece, Italy, Spain, etc. etc. are suffering huge unemployment regarding their youngsters, and others besides.

    They are told by Germany to mend their ways!

    Germany has preferred to cross the other side of the street - not much of a Samaritan!

    Given that Germany was very much helped in putting her economy to right after two horrendous world wars she had started, and with much by way of dreadful war crimes too, she ended up receiving the lion's share of the massive help of the American Marshall Plan --- Germany beggars belief!

    The Second World War was within my lifetime, and all the austerity that created!

    Here we have the unadulterated stark hypocrisy at its worse, and with the helping hand of the EU hierarchy kowtowing and fawning to Germany.

    The EU requires the richer countries to lend a helping hand to the poorer countries - otherwise, sooner or later, it will mean the demise of both the Euro and the big dream of the so called European Union.

    It's not fit for purpose.

    21:26 on 20 April 2017

  • albion: 

    It's only ever been about self-interest of this despicable woman and her backers.

    23:41 on 20 April 2017

  • Denis Parkinson: 

    I will do exactly what Gina Miller wants. Under no circumstances will I vote for a politician or political party that wishes to remain in Europe.

    00:59 on 21 April 2017

  • samplewriter: 

    Marine Le Pen and her french flag could put more pressure on the leaving of the eu by the french..

    Her face fits the bill but french elections are based on two to tangle for final honours The french male view would have her lose .but general feeling would see her as president .good luck to Marine le Pen.

    09:39 on 21 April 2017

  • CT: 

    I agree with all the criticism of Miller and would never invest with her.

    Perhaps I have been lucky in my life but I have had to be a good judge of character - why do people think that Theresa May is not totally committed to doing the best deal for the UK.

    Will you remainers please tell me who are these black beasts that Miller, Corbyn Sturgeon and co are so worried about.

    It is cynical political gameplaying and they should be ashamed of themselves - they will weaken our case and cost us money in the negotiations.

    11:01 on 21 April 2017

  • samplewriter: 

    When something ends it ends so negotiations as to how much briton should pay in compensation to come out of this nightmare would rely on briton agreeing. when article 50 was implemented at that point we was out .the eu could be nasty and invent costs but this will be closely watched by our goverment .briton is still owed millons by countries in the eu so that could balance any compensation that would be invented by minds in the eu .it took a tory to get us in and a tory to get us out .something ironic about that. the hundreds of billions that has been wasted in this exorcise could have been better used for voters in briton an anchor has been removed but the damage will take a long time to heal .

    12:03 on 21 April 2017

  • Andrew Stevenson: 

    @Christopher - "Another example of Project Planet Earth which the Leavers were too self obsessed to notice. 16500 trucks per day coming through Dover and the Chunnel will now need checking. " - Since the EU exports far more to the UK than we export to them do you really they are going to take kindly to having their exports held up ? Perhaps you think it's only going to apply to British trucks trying to get into Europe ?

    12:18 on 21 April 2017

  • Drake: 

    Dear me, what a lot of angry and abusive people, some of whom don't know what capital letters are. I thought this was an investment site? Wrong again. Don't bother responding to me, I'm switching off this thread and doing something more edifying.

    12:27 on 21 April 2017

  • samplewriter: 

    The freedom by consent where drivers both by lorry and by car could drive through without a proper checkup has to be restricted to stop drugs guns tobacco .illegal immigrants from coming into britain .

    12:33 on 21 April 2017

  • oldgit: 

    Isn,t it strange that the majority that want to remain in the EU are either foreign or of foreign decent eg the new Londoners plus other cities and towns with large immigrant populations or like the Kinnocks and Mandelsons who possibly have their pensions to loose when we leave, or greedy Mr Blair who sees his chance of being EU president disappearing down the drain same I suppose for gabby Mr Clegg who will do anything for a wee bit of power anywhere.

    12:52 on 21 April 2017

  • Gerry Walker: 

    Surely this lady falls foul of the Representation of the People legislation. She appears not to be a candidate or a political party authorised by the Electoral Commission. So how does she claim a role of influence?

    15:32 on 21 April 2017

  • jo soap: 

    If you saw her on This Week last night she was an embarrassment. Had no answers to Andrew Neils questions.

    16:01 on 21 April 2017

  • oldgit: 

    So Mr Drake thinks he is superior to all those above that make educated comments that are likely to affect our country's financial position. He must be one of Mr Corbyns lackeys. God help us if they get into power.

    18:41 on 21 April 2017

  • Cynical Investor2: 

    GM (has she been Geneticaly Modified?) makes clear, apart from wanting to influence the way Electors vote, if the eventual Brexit deal does not have her agreement she will go back to Court and make a further Challenge. She is Arrogance personified!!

    18:54 on 21 April 2017

  • JohnW: 

    Question, "Who's bankrolling her?" All these trips to court with the cost of legal representation is not cheap. I think this is an important question we need to know the answer to.

    22:16 on 21 April 2017

  • Cynical Investor2: 

    John she has a Crowd-funding platform which appears to be attracting serious funds.

    22:23 on 21 April 2017

  • JohnW: 

    I appreciate that CI 2, but I doubt she would be allowed to use that company's money. Is she rich enough to be able to pay top barrister's fees out of her own pocket?? I still believe she is only the front for somebody else, or more likely group of people.

    23:11 on 21 April 2017

  • samplewriter: 

    I think she is funded from someone who in the last few months has stated that millions is available maybe a retiree from a political party .

    00:20 on 22 April 2017

  • Donald Chan: 

    There is no way that the national interest can be served by this process.

    09:35 on 22 April 2017

  • CT: 

    You are right Donald

    and barristers are very expensive

    and there are a lot of naive people out there

    quite apart from the Diane Abbots of this world - the big clueless egos are loving it.

    I do wish at least one remainer would tell me who these hard Brexit, nasty black beasts are !!

    10:39 on 22 April 2017

  • NJB: 

    Perhaps she should concentrate on her business.


    11:01 on 22 April 2017

  • Buzz: 

    Getting back to the original topic......in " first past the post" electoral systems there are usually many more people who voted against the winning candidate then for him/her. Therefore a strategic vote allows you to at least reduce the chance of the candidate you most dislike from being elected. Educating the electorate on who these candidates are enables voters to make better choices and is hardly undemocratic.

    If most of the comments above are representative of the populous then I am left very depressed about the future for the UK and Europe.

    I'm convinced that any outcome of Brexit negotiations can only be bad for Britain and cannot be corrected by relationship with the non-EU world. But if the divorce from Europe is halted the citizens of UK will be outraged. So Brexit seems inevitable and its tragedy will only be believed when it happens. Put crudely , it takes a shit-kicking to learn your lesson.

    I admire Gina Miller and others who are still hoping to save the situation when it looks so hopeless.

    17:31 on 22 April 2017

  • Denis Parkinson: 

    As you put it Buzz, undemocratic European beauracrats kick the **** out of the European population, look at Greece. Hopefully we already have learned the lesson. First past the post is the best electoral system, you can vote for somebody & they can get elected. With Proportional representation who selects the candidates, virtually impossible for an individual to get elected. Hopefully some body will educate Gina Miller.

    17:54 on 22 April 2017

  • Alan Tonks: 


    We had a vote you lost live with it, as for anybody supporting and admiring Gina Miller you must still be searching for your brain!!

    18:04 on 22 April 2017

  • CT: 

    Dennis is right Buzz - its not only Greece that has suffered from this bunch of bullying Brussels bureaucrats. We have voted not to be part of that and should be proud and supportive of that decision.

    Did you watch Miller give a particularly poor account of herself last week !

    19:33 on 22 April 2017

  • kenneth douglas: 

    Staying in the EU, is what migrants want, it means if they don't like this country at any time, they can move to another, no bother. Miller never used her own money, she is being funded from the EU, via ex uk employees, or from the rich man that funded the protest movements against Trump. She is an evil bitch.

    18:41 on 23 April 2017

  • Mark Stringer: 

    This twat (sorry, but she is frankly) is just another one of the self-serving ponces who permeate our lives and think that the world owes them a living.

    She or should I say backers didn't like what happened with the Brexit vote and so are attempting to use their wealth to keep the rules one sided for their benefit.

    I understand that lanky, world polluting ego, Branson may be involved as well which doesn't surprise me at all. It's odd how he and his mentor the late Freddy Laker both cried foul when BA used their monopoly to their advantage yet Branson sees no irony in his blinkered attempt to alter the will of the people.

    08:42 on 24 April 2017

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