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George Osborne to step down as MP

George Osborne to step down as MP

by Charles Walmsley Apr 19, 2017 at 13:08

Former chancellor George Osborne will not stand for re-election at the general election in June.

The Conservative MP for Tatton confirmed he would not stand at the election in a letter to constituents today. 

Osborne's (pictured) decison was reported by the Evening Standard, the newspaper where he was recently appointed editor. 

The ex-chancellor said he would leave the House of Commons 'for now' but would continue to be involved in politics.

'I will remain active in the debate about our country’s future and on the issues I care about, like the success of the Northern Powerhouse,' he said.

'I want a Britain that is free, open, diverse and works with other nations to defend our democratic values in the world.'

He added that it was 'too early to be writing my memoirs' after leaving his role as chancellor last June following the EU referendum. 

'At the age of 45, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life just being an ex-chancellor. I want new challenges,' he said.

As well as accepting the position of Evening Standard editor, Osborne has also joined asset manager BlackRock since leaving his position as chancellor. 

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  • Alan Tonks: 

    Well, he has sorted himself out satisfactorily, after all that’s what you go into politics for!!

    16:29 on 19 April 2017

  • Roger Savage: 

    Absolutely Alan - the difference being that, in the past, politicians would maybe have been more subtle about their real motivations. These days their disgusting, self-serving nature is there for all but the most naïve to see and they couldn't care less.

    As someone recently quipped in a comment somewhere, politicians should wear their sponsors' details like F1 drivers wear race suits with the logos of their sponsors. So true. At least then it would be even clearer what lies (pun intended) behind these 'public servants'.

    19:25 on 19 April 2017

  • Anthony O' Grady: 

    Agree with all of the above. Self serving t£&@£:;r

    07:59 on 20 April 2017


    As a long time supporter of the Conservative Party I Am delighted that he has decided to withdraw from active politics . Sadly it's "for now " but hopefully he 'll stay away a very long time .His arrogance as Chancellor was breath taking and I ,for one , am glad to see the back of him .My instincts tell me that if he had decided to stay as an MP he might have got a nasty surprise from his constituents on June 8th.

    14:20 on 20 April 2017

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